HF Field Data Operations


The goal of this project is to design and develop an efficient, tested, and durable compilation of equipment for effective HF field data operations. This stems from the desire to send email messages over Winlink is not cell covered regions. This application also fits into my desire to have a portable digital communication system for emergency communications.

Philosophy of Use

For this project I am focusing on HF bands using Winlink infrastructure. While Winlink can be used on the VHF/UHF bands, the focus is on communications in remote or grid down environments. Living in the Rocky Mountain region means that any distant communication needs HF to traverse the mountains. The system should be portable, and only require a short setup period. Only consideration for weight and size of equipment is what can be transported by vehicle or ATV. Battery should be sufficient for operations and capable of regeneration by solar or fossil fuels. Since the equipment will be used in outdoor environments, it should meet some level of weather protection. Lastly, since this is an emergency communication tool, reasonable redundancy of equipment should be considered and the system maintained for unexpected deployment.