All Mode Mobile Go Bag Checklist


As I described in my article "Preparing Your Equipment For Deployment". My equipment is modular to avoid bringing "too much" equipment, or not the right equipment. The HT GoBag is the primary response bag that contains not only an HT Radio but basic tools and supplies. Therefore, the Mobile Go Bag subsidizes the primary bag adding additional capability to the deployment. To be prepared, each station should have the transmitting power of a mobile rig. HT's are a compromised radio for convenience, they should not be considered an operating posts primary radio tool. Also for modular reasons, the power is a separate item. This version of the mobile go bag goes beyon VNF/UHF and adds HF and other operating modes.

Mobile Radio



Watch Video How To Pack Tape


Audio Components

Antenna Meter

Additional Digital Mode


  • Radio Manual
  • Repeater Directory
  • Band Plan
  • RACES/ARES/Other Communication Plans
  • FCC License
  • Radio Cheat Sheet

Note: The bag is a Husky Job Sling Pack

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Field Radio Podcast - Breaking down the components in this bag