HT Go Bag Checklist


The HT Go Bag is the first and most simple bag to have for deployment. It contains the most basic item to get on the air. The bag should be personalized to what you need it to accomplish. For me, I have expanded the HT bag to be more of my "Primary" response bag. Adding in GPS, cell phone support, and tools. Since my gear is modular, this bag meets my needs for personal preparedness not just radio preparedness. All of my other bags build on this concept that I will always have this bag. This reduces the unnecessary redundancy in other bags. Since I forsee this using not only for me to communicate to the outside world but have my own two way communications, I have two sets of the HT items.

HT Radio (Baofeng Options)

HT Radio (Yaesu Options)

Cell Phone Accessories

HT External Antenna

Vehicle Antenna Option

Support Gear


  • Standard Manual
  • Summary Program Card
  • Programming Tip Sheet
  • Repeater Directory
  • Band Plan
  • FCC License
  • Various Emergency Communication Plans
  • Family Communication Plan

Note: The bag is a Cabelas fishing or small gear bag

Field Radio Podcast - Breaking down the components in this bag

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