Everyday Carry Bag


In terms of personal emergency preparedness we should always be carrying an “EDC Bag” or “Every Day Carry Bag”. The term "EDC Bag" is not unique to Amateur Radio. Preppers use this term for items carried on the person every day such as survival items or self defense items. You do not realize it but everyone has an "EDC" items. It's the watch you put on, your car keys, your wallet, your phone, your work bag. Moms of little children have quite the elaborate EDC bag more commonly known as the diaper bag.

Building Your Bag

I have created an EDC list combining the standard EDC survival items, add in some Amateur Radio items, and modernize it for our urban cell phone toting life. I keep this EDC bag in my work bag then grab it when I go someplace where my work bag does not follow. Once you have your own bag, you will be surprised on how often you use it for every day little emergencies.

Bag Contents

The bag I use is referred to as a tactical medic bag that can be attached to other packs as needed. For amateur radio I have a compact handheld radio, signal stuff antenna, extra battery, and a counterpoise line. To support my cell phone I have a very small battery backup and charge cord. For tools I have a pocket knife, compact multi-tool, flashlight, and bic lighter. For documents I have a reference card on our family emergency communications plan, and local frequency plan. Miscellaneous items include cash, micro first aid kit, notepad, pen/pencil, chopstick, and candy. Lastly, I have an altoids tin that has a basic survival kit.


The EDC bag is a lifesaver for the big and litte emergencies on our life. Click here for a detailed list of my EDC bag.


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