Bear Lake Valley Comms Trailer


While working various events in the area I heard reference to a Bear Lake Communications trailer on the air. As part of the WIMU Hamfest in Garden City, UT the club brought the trailer down for local talk-in support and to display the trailer. I have to say I was quite impressed with the porcupine look of the trailer and how much they could fit in a small space. But what was more impressive is the multi purpose mounts used for the various feed points. This simple mounting system allows various configurations and not getting pigeon holed into a specific setup. There was support for small and large masts around the trailer.

If a club or group is looking at a comms trailer, in my opinion a travel RV is the best choice for several reasons. First, power and lighting is already installed. If it is one thing trailer manufactures have found to do is put a light in every spot you can think of. For power there is already wired and fused to run power in the trailer and port it outside for generator. Second, nobody likes being on assignment and have to hunt for a bathroom or the nearest semi private tree. "The comforts of home" are right there setup for you, bathroom, sink, shower, bedding, etc. With these creature comforts your deployment are taken care of where a cargo trailer would not provide that for you. Third, closly related to creature comforts is the kitchen with stove, microwave, and fridge/freezer. This makes operating much easier when you are not having to mess with external gear. Fourth is a safe heater, often with other trailers the heaters brought in introduce a safety issue from gas to tipping over. The heaters in the trailers are designed for this use and protected. Fifth, and lastly is the trailer over the motorhome. Motorhomes are cool, but the cost to maintain is much greater including maintenance and insurance. A trailer allows any vehicle capable of towing to hook up and go. Also, if you deploy alone or in a small team, you can leave the trailer and drive home for that antenna adaptor you forgot....

The great work this club has done to outfit this trailer has inspired me to take a deeper look at my family trailer on using some of these techniques.... with the wife's permission of course. :)