Latest updates, projects and news from W7DBO

Net Control

A primer on net operations

Everyday Carry Bag

For the little and big emergencies in life.

Twitter as an Emergency Communication Tool

You can leverage twitter as an tool in your communication plan.

All Mode Mobile Go Bag

Version 2 of the mobile go bag upgrading to all mode.

Extreme Cold Weather Gear Bag

Description of a gear bag meant for cold weather protection.

Solar Power In The Field

Presentation on how to get started with solar power in the field.

20 Lessons Learned From 10 Events

Observations from public service events


The phenomemon of trying to get where you are going while ignoring safety concerns. This article addresses how to overcome this issue.

Winter Preparedness

With winter storms, our roads become impassible and our electrical infrastructure has greater odds of failing. We need to prepare ourselves and our equipment for cold weather.